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  All academic and research organizations may apply for IRFED membership.

  In order to become a Federation Member, an organization applies for membership in the Federation by
  agreeing to be bound by the Federation Policy in writing by an official representative of the organization.
  This is accomplished by signing the following agreement and endorse it with their official seal.

   IRFED Membership Agreement (Persian)

  Each member may choose to be a SERVICE PROVIDER (SP) or an IDENTITY PROVIDER (IDP)
  or both.  To be able to act as SP or IDP, members need to use SAML or any SAML capable software
  (like Shibboleth).

  External Service Providers to IRFED and eduGAIN may join to IRFED by signing the following
  agreement and sending it to us :  SP Agreement (English)

  According to IRFED policy, all members who act as IDP (or Home Organization) must provide an Identity
  Management Practice Statement, describing about the identity management system in their organization.
  Members may use this template to make their Identity Management Practice Statement: IMPS-Template.
  For further information:

IRFED federation members
 Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)  IDP & SP 
  University of Tehran (UT)  IDP